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Mom has agreed to help me re-dye my hair before my trip. Woohoo. My roots aren't really visible or anything, but I know they're there and it bugs me. Plus I have these annoying little gray hairs living up top and the only way I can ignore them is to dye them into oblivion.

Last time I dyed I went red-brown, which we then highlighted so it would up being kind of coppery. I liked it, but I think this time I'm going to go with something a little more... honeyish. Like this. (And yes, sjhw_tolerance, I know it says "blonde", but look at the picture. It really isn't. It's light brown. So phhff.) I mean, my hair is already - naturally - brown, but it's more of an ash-brown. I prefer something with a little more warmth in it, especially since I have such a fair complexion.

I wrote for almost a hour and a half last night and was very proud of myself. Tonight... well, I got sucked into TLC. So maybe an hour before bed. I don't have to get up early or anything - I work 3:30 to 10:30 tomorrow - but I try to get up no later than 9am even on later days. I know, I'm such a trooper ;)
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