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This is one of those 'posting so I don't have an empty spot on my livejournal calendar' posts.

Yeah, I'm lame.

Watched Raising Helen and I, Robot tonight. Both were better than I expected. I thought Robot especially got a raw deal from the critics, but since when have critics ever known their ass from a hole in the ground anything?

Saw an absolutely beautiful Guide to Batman book when I was killing time at B&N today. I mean... nice. Didn't even look at how much, though. It was hardcover and color everything and guh. But I'm poor, dammit!
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My sister got Raising Helen for Christmas. Been tempted to borrow it and watch it. Didn't think I Robot looked that good... *shrugs* May have to check them out. :)
tsk tsk! you could practice your spanish ;-)

the background image....may i ask why?
well I like the image I just didn't know if it was in reference to a certain show or something and I was just not getting it ;)
We rented I, Robot when I was in Arizona. I feared it would suck, but it was way better than I expected. I told Chad it was on my birthday list. *g*

Any ideas on what effects Rainmaker did? I only remember Bruce W. saying (at GC) that we had *not* seen anything they did (in the commercials), but didn't say anything about they *did* do.