Alli Snow (allisnow) wrote,
Alli Snow


- See BS Prez Andrew Heyward claimed that the Rathergate/memogate investigation would take "weeks, not months". Three and a half months later, what's been done? Um, crap. Tim Blair says: "Inasmuch as weeks are a component of months, Heyward's statement could possibly be considered "fake, but true"."

- Via LGF: Victor Davis Hanson makes predictions for 2005, such as "Michael Moore will go to the Sunni Triangle to join his beloved "Minutemen Men," and "document" the scandal of how the fedayeen "founding fathers" are being shortchanged in their pay due to Baathist conspiracies in Syria." Oh yeah. It's possible.

- Lance and the Tennesee Nat'l Guard 278th celebrate "a new era in retail shopping".

- Michelle Malkin feels the love: "The U.N.'s Mr. Stingy now says our military assets--helicopters, boats, and other transport equipment--are "worth their weight in gold." You're welcome, ingrate."

- Ann Coulter runs down the list of 2004's highlights and lowlifes ("The single biggest event of 2004 was the Election Day exit poll, which, like John Steinbeck's "The Short Reign of Pippin IV," made John Kerry the president for a few moments. But in a move that stunned the experts, American voters chose "moral values" over an America-bashing trophy husband and his blow-dried, ambulance-chasing sidekick.")

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