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Working 8am-3pm today. Not bad, but I'm having a hell of time getting myself up and motivated this morning. Bleeeeh.

Had brunch with GM Wednesday morning, then came home and spent a good five and a half hours watching Pride and Prejudice... the marathon version with Firth. Fun!

The SJFA nominations form is basically ready to go, except no decisions really been made on the whole established romance category yet. I'll have to bug ellory1 about it in chat tonight, unless she reads this -- in which case consider youself bugged ;)

Hours have been scaled back next week, and while that's bad on the money front, it's nice on the time front. It also means that I'll be missing less work during my trip. I also need to spend some more time writing. My fascination with Dick/Barb has led to a 'spin-off' from my Redux story that I'm calling Eleven Days in November. I'm on day two and it's gotten a little more tawdry than I expected... but it's one of those fun, self-indulgent stories where you just put the characters (and your own twisted desires from them) ahead of all else, and damn the outcome.

I love my new toys! *pets them*

*sigh* Okay, I guess I better go put my eyes in and do something with my hair before it dries looking like... like... see, I'm too tired to even come up with an interesting metaphor.
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