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New icons

From paintings by Sir Frank Dicksee...

La Belle Dame Sans Merci, The Confession, Chivalry, The End of the Quest, and Romeo and Juliet, respectively.

I really love his paintings because they're just... well, 'inspirational' is a cliched way of putting it. They appeal to me in a storytelling sense because they all seem to be a snapshot of a larger event, a single moment in time, not just a pretty picture, and they make you wonder what happened before or after that snapshot. What is being confessed in The Confession? What exactly is the Quest? A milisecond after the 'snapshot' was taken, did the knight in Belle fall flat on his face, sans kiss?

And on a weird tangent, doesn't the guy in An Offering look like Fifth from Unnatural Selection? I think it's the hair. He just needs the creepily-large smile.
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