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Hope everyone is having a great Christmas Eve thus far.

I'm working today 9-5, meaning I'll be leaving in a few. We're only open until 6 tonight, so it should be interesting to see how crazy it is today. Hopefully it will mean less insaneness back at the customer service desk... people are supposed to be last minute shopping, not last minute returning.

I get tomorrow off, of course, but then I don't have to work until 4pm on Sunday, and Monday off as usual.

Still on a B:TAS kick, so I've been writing little Dick-Barbara-Tim-Alfred sidebar scenes for Redux. I've actually gotten a really silly/devious idea, so I might make them a little AU-for-an-AU standalone by themselves. There seems to be even less good Babs/Dick fic out there than there is Bruce/Diana.

Hey, two B/Ds. Hee.

(Yeah, so I should have gotten more sleep last night. There was fudge to be eaten. So sue me.)
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