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JLU... spoilers?

I don't know if this is actually in the 'spoilers' phase yet... it may be more of a rumor; I haven't been in the fandom long enough to trust the veracity of specific sources.

But anyway...

There's been ongoing speculation about a main character being killed off... and although Flash might as well be dead for all we've seen him this season, it's rumored that it's John on the chopping block. *wibble*

Further speculation suggests that either/or:

- He will die during a second Thanagarian invasion

- He will die but it will be revealed that Warhawk (who, if I'm getting this right, is part of the future Justice League shown in Batman Beyond) is his and Shayera's son.

If it's true it really sucks, and it would be a big deal for the show, even if they do replace him with, say, Kyle. On the other hand... every time the 'a character's gonna die' rumor mill has started up, Bats is the one whose name kept coming up. And that would suck even more.

The mind boggles.

*eats fudge*

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