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Was having a good day until my parents called to check in with my brother and me. It started off bad because they'd tried to call my cell phone but it was dead; the charger isn't working for some reason. They blew that out of proportion, I got snarky in response, and that led to a list of complaints about things I have or haven't done for the last week or so. I'm glad I'm going to be at work when they get home tomorrow, because no matter how nice my brother and I (mostly me) try to get the place looking, there's inevitably something we overlook or don't do to mom's liking, and that just leads to a further list of crap.

I swear... isn't going away for the weekend supposed to be relaxing?

Working another long one tomorrow; 2-10p so at least I can sleep in. And then finally I get a day off... yay!

Watching America's Most Wanted. I swear, every single one of the creeps tonight has been 5'10" or shorter. Coincidence? I think not.

ETA: Okay, one was 6'2". But 9 out of 10... come on.

Ate at the new In-n-Out near work yesterday. Gooood stuff, although you can't do it too often of course. They're awesome, though... not only do they have great food, the employees seem very happy and their take-out bags say Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah/Feliz Navidad... none of this "Happy Holidays" crap *g*

Speaking of, Free Will's Aaron has a great post on the Jihad on Christmas.

Watched some more Bats, and it was fun, but I'm still grumpy about that stupid phone call. Meh.

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