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Mmm, festive

Okay, people. I want your nominations for Most Annoying Commercial of the Holiday Season.

My vote goes to Target's remixes of Joy to the World.

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Does the Puppetmaster versus the Demonic Toys commerical count?
The Old Navy commercials must be mentioned....random choirs appearing at random places and singing about Performance Fleece? Awful :)
Oh, that's a good one.

How about the "Happy Honda Days"? That one just makes me want to retch.
Virgin Cell phone thing...Happy Merry Honikwanzachrismica or something idiotic like that. That one just makes my brain hurt. ;-) Though the two Jewish guys at the piano are cute, but the comercial is just tacky.
Hmm...I cringe whenever I hear the JCPenney's ones with the music of Pete Townshend. (Let my Love Open the Door) It just doesn't seem right.