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So I'm about 40 episodes into the first season of Batman: TAS. It's cheesy at times, the animation isn't always so hot, but I'm generally pretty impressed with the stories. In particular the writers spend a lot of time and energy humanizing the bad guys, making them more than just bad for the sake of being bad (not counting the innumerable thugs and hired muscle, but that can probably be attributed to the high unemployment rate in Gotham *eg*). Dr. Freeze was screwed over and had to watch his wife die... the Clock King had some version of OCD and went insane when his company was ruined... Two-Face, as Harvey Dent, has serious anger-management issues from his childhood that led to his split personality -- and he's even one of Bruce Wayne's friends before he goes nuts. Poison Ivy is an eco-terrorist, Catwoman is really more of a common thief with a thing for wildlife, but the variety makes for very interesting stories. And the stories are really what interests me (whereas some people on certain unnamed forums are more interested in cataloging the number of times Bruce can be seen shirtless. Which is actually quite often-- ahem).

In general I have to say that this series shows a much more human, communicative Batman than he's usually portrayed in fic... and in the Justice League series, for that matter. Part of that is his reduced screen time in JL, as part of an ensemble cast. Part may even be the JL animation, which shows a much more square-jawed, stoic Bats compared to the more expressive TAS version. It'll be interesting to see some of the key Bats JL episodes after being reacquainted with the character through his own series.

Favorite episodes so far, just in case anyone's keeping track: Appointment in Crime Alley, POV, Eternal Youth, I've Got Batman in my Basement, The Forgotten, Perchance to Dream, The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne, I am the Night, Christmas with the Joker, and Heart of Steel. I have to say, I'm looking forward to seeing more of Babs ;)

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