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I tried, I really did

Okay, so I knew when I started this that I was going to end up slacking off after a few months But I'm back, I love my LJ, so I'm back

Back to work tomorrow, after a two-day break that felt nothing at all like two days. The upside: no work on Friday, so I don't have to stress about getting home in time to watch The Other Guys or (horror of horrors) working a closing shift that would require me to watch it on TAPE. Eek!

It's not even August (well, not technically) and already I'm questioning the wisdom of saying I'd work during the school year. I like making money and all, but the urge will fade after Gatecon (the big funds-sucker of the year) when I'm more able to find work at school. I'll give it a try, because not having to worry about fitting in 9 hours/week will be sweet... but I just don't want to end up dreading the weekends more than the weeks. Mutter mutter.

Yam keeps saying fandom is being boring *waves to Yam* but I dunno, I'm kind of enjoying the lack of insanity lately. The TS have moved underground (as is befitting their station) and if they're going to take it down a notch, I have no problem following suit. I'd really really like to be able to just sit back and enjoy this last season, and it's not that the TS would prevent that, exactly, but they are a big old ugly FH-loving distraction. I'll have enough fun with my little grudge matches at GC and... heh, pointy objects.

41 days to go.

Speaking of big old ugly distractions... "Things". Bleh. It just keeps sitting there, staring me, whispering 'finish me, finish me' because I'm so CLOSE, but I don't want to. Seriously, I don't have a better excuse than that, I just don't want to look at it right now. Blame FH, or possibly Musey... she isn't in the breadbox, I already looked. Per my MO, I've of course started a new WIP, although the idea is to actually FINISH this one before I post it (I know, novel concept). The working title is "Sleepers", which is actually the name of an XF fic I was working on way back when and typically never finished. But the plot is somewhat similiar, so I decided to finally give the title a home. Now to write the fic. Bleh. I need my laptop at work. The dialog comes so well when I'm standing there staring at popcorn for 8 hours. "Sleepers" is (will be? I hope?) primarily a Jack fic, post-Abyss, full of Jonasy goodness and some nice subtle shippiness for the GR divas to choke on. Hee

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