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... should you choose to accept it...

Okay guys, I want your input.

At the beginning of next month the Sam/Jack Fanfiction Awards for 2005 will be kicking off. The schedule is up on the website. What I'm interested in knowing pertains to the categories:

Outstanding Angst
Outstanding Romance
Outstanding Adult Romance
Outstanding Future Story
Outstanding Alternate Universe
Outstanding Humor Story
Outstanding Post-Episode Story
Outstanding Action/Adventure Story
Outstanding Series
Outstanding Author

The descriptions of these categories are on the site.

Personally, compared to some awards *cough* I think this is a nice list. But what about you guys? Do any of the categories suck and should be pulled? Is there a category that we're missing that we absolutely ought to have? (Keep in mind that too many categories will make chiroho go insane.) Come on, people... convince us!
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