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*waves uncertainly to her new friends who she doesn't really know*

So my Fall 2002 grades were supposed to be up on January 9th, and sure enough - at 1:30am January 9th - they were! Shocking!

Even more shocking, I did better than I'd hoped. As in Spanish (yay Raquel and Arturo!) and Music, and A-s in Creative Writing and Art. Basically the determining factor is how much I slacked off *eg*

Now because I'm too lazy to go look up the lj-cut code, I'm going to do something very silly and make Paradise Lost...

...spoiler space!

Okay. Not my favorite episode, but it did give me a couple of post-episode ideas. A Sam-POV vignette in the locker room before Teal'c finds her, or a couple of scenes in the Tok'ra ship after Jack and Harry are rescued. After all, I imagine she wouldn't be thrilled to find out that Jack's gotten all soft-hearted on Harry, considering Harry's the one who grabbed her Zat and was then at least partly responsible for Jack getting 'lost' (and therefore all the self-imposed torment she went through that month). And if I could get into Teal'c's mind at all - which I can't - I'd love to do something from his POV.

Still, nothing solid or interesting enough to make me open the old Word doc. Plus if I started something elsenew I think I would feel bad for abandoning March 4 again. I don't know... I just can't think of anything that's both original, shippy, and conforms to the format of the first three.

Speaking of, got a postcard from the muse today. Turns out she's at the South Pole looking for abandoned Ancient spacecraft.

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