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SGA: Before I Sleep

Who uses a word like "reticence" spontaneously in a sentence?

Nice splicing of old clips and new stuff.

Aww, Lizzie's so concerned about the Rod-man.

The Gateroom flooding... very cool.

Rodney was a hero. *squee*

Aw, Ford and Carson too.

Cliffhanger fainting. Figures.

*sniggers at Back to the Future references*

Geeze, everybody died.

Dude, it's the chick! From the hologram... right?

Have to say, really impressed with the makeup. The wig. Tee.

The lighting in this scene... so not flattering.

Hey, Atlanteans who don't want to screw around with time? Wild stuff.

McKay is so the reincarnation of Janus.

Makes you wonder... what did the Ancients call themselves?

Hologram girl has a cute little outfit.

So the Ancients can build the Gate network and the city, but they can't write a computer program to rotate power amongst the three ZPMs? I'm not impressed.

Aw, Simon.

I think Lizzie and Janus had some eye-sparkage there. And smooching! Sorta.

She had all this time to herself, but didn't leave a note on the keyboard saying "Yo, check in the back for a human popsicle"?

Woo, ZPMs.

Of course they were so excited about ZPMs they didn't notice the poor old lady croak.

Birthday present as an urn for your own ashes. Now that's just disturbing.

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