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Blogroll part 1

- Vaclav Havel for Secretary General? Tim says: "At this stage, the UN could be better run by Saddam himself. At least he knew what his kids were up to."

- OTTAWA (AFP) - Hopes for early mass protests in the streets of Ottawa on the eve of Tuesday's visit by US President George W. Bush fizzled out, as journalists outnumbered demonstrators.

More later!
imho? I just wish that the secretary had more power and that one with some sense in his head was elected. Because the secretary doesn't have that much power and has to watch what he does or say because in 5 years he will be out if he does something "againts" the big 5.

UN will keep being useless forever except if they change the system and give more power to a secretary, the big 5 don't have so much power, everything wasn't moved by political and it was moved by ethics-and-human-rights and if they had their feet on earth and acted on what they say.