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JLU Update

Okay, non-geeky people can pass this post by.

For the rest of you...

It looks like what was originally the season three finale (the time travel episodes) has now become the season four premiere. Word is that it's still in post. The next two episodes will be, instead, an episode with Green Arrow, Wildcat, Black Canary and Vixen (*snarfle*) entitled, appropriately, The Cat and the Canary, and an episode that's hesitantly being called Miracles Happen. The real miracle will be if the rumors are true and Flash is in this episode.

Kinda bummed about the two-parter being put off, but hopefully the hiatus between seasons won't be too terribly long. In the meantime, I'll be happy if:

- We get to see Vixen sulking, or

- We get to see Wally, period.

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