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Can't we all just get along?

When: Lately.
Where: Jackfic list.
What: Whining.
Why: 'Too much' shipfic.

*rolls eyes* Yeah, okay, so I hate to sound like a soapbox lecturer all the time, but what is with people not being able to act like rational adults (even if they really aren't)? Sure, that might sound a little deep for the current topic, but when you get right down to it, the people are whining because they can't just suck it up and deal and maybe even work out their own solutions without running to the nearest listmommy. If these people don't like shipfic, there's no reason they should have to read it. If they think there's not enough "gen" Jackfic written, well, that's the problem of the "gen" writers. Unless the list owners are going to change the rules and say that shipfic isn't permitted, those whose tastes differ are just going to have to suffer. Or they can leave and start the 546th Stargate fic list with nice, listnazish rules about what is allowed and what isn't. Something like "Only Season 1 or post-Abyss stories where Jack pines for Sara."
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You know I SO agree *dont mind me snooping around your LJ Alli!*

Anyway I just literally joined the Jackfic list this week- why? Because it was reccomended to me by someone as a place where I could post my sam/jack fic and not get the kind of reaction I've had over on some other lists with regards to supposedly not responding to beta's or feedback (lies all lies I respond to ALL of my feedback GRR)
I'm glad I didn't start to settle into that list because that post and the continuation of has made me feel like shipfic is completely unwelcome! I think there was only one response I read and thought "thank god someone feels the same way" and that was Sel's!

I mean if they dont LIKE ship fic why can't they just not read it!? I like Sam/Jack and Sam/Janet fic, as a consequence I am on the gateway mailing list 99.9% of fic is Jack/Daniel orientated as its a SLASH list, I can't stand the idea myself but I don't go whinging to list mom because its the nature of the list- I just delete it and wait for the Sam/Janet stuff to filter through!

There's a fic list I DO like at the moment and I can see it fast becoming the only place I post my fic (in case I break rule number 10000006 that states jack should not speak to anyone other than sam or something dumb...) where they accept ALL fic as long as its labelled up with a rating and pairing warning... fair enough me thinks!

Why people just can't act like human beings on list is beyond me... and with that I'll shut the hell up! (for the first time in my life) *now where did I put my soap box?*