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Okay, superquick thoughts on Hot Zone before I go to bed.

More obligatory civilian vs military conflict here. Lizzie says Shep is in charge in military matters, but she gets to decide what and what not is a military matter. Yeah, that seems fair.

More terrific acting from DH, and there were some nice Ford moments too. Would have liked to see more Carson and Teyla, but there was a lot to cram into this episode, and MG really did a very nice job with the script. So far I'm impressed with the new guy.

For a second I thought that they were going to kill off all those people in the mess. Certainly would have cut down their numbers a wee bit.

Yay for Shep saving the day again, but they should really spread some of the heroism around. With the exception of McKay vs. Wraith last week, and some of the antics in the two parter, the characters are starting to get locked into roles. Weir hangs out in the control room (or whatever they're calling it) and tells people what to do, Carson plays doctor, Ford is the military sidekick, Teyla is the alien sidekick, McKay is the sarcastic smartass and John saves the day. It's probably too early in the series to start moving these characters out of their comfort zones, so to speak, but a girl can dream.

I think so far the best thing about SGA's stories is that they're not having to take the baby steps that SG1 did (being a new show with a crew that was still trying to find their footing and a revolving door of writers and directors). They've jumped right into some good, meaty stories and, while I'd love more work done on the character development front, I think the action/adventure tactic is a very smart one for a show in SGA's position... especially considering what a soap opera SG1 has been as of late.

Oh, and Teyla and Shep with the sticky things -- nice choreography.
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