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My Friends List is Thankful... by salmonczar
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Thankful for spellcheckjackficmum
Thankful for mud puddlesstef94
Thankful for mashed potatoeskaren_s_c
Thankful for adult magazinesbeefree88
Thankful for organized sportsanr
Thankful for pointless memessuzvoy
Thankful for daylight savings timemeg_pat2000
Thankful for cheap foreign carschiroho
Thankful for Bob Barkerhoodatwhatzit
Thankful for markers that smell like fruitjellojuicejo
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Didja kill the meme? 'cause it says that the ID doesn't exist. :(
Eeeeeek!! That thing is psychic, I tell you!! ;-)

Cos, you know, technically, mud is what makes my paycheck come in every month ;-)
So yes, I am thankful for mud puddles ;-) They pay my bills and my new house ;-)