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Played with the awesome How to Draw the Justice League book that Sue sent me w/my birthday pressie. Had fun sketching WW in regular clothes with normal hair... civvie Diana, if you will. Now, of course, I keep thinking about future Diana and Bruce as superhero soccer mom and NASCAR dad, and laughing myself silly. I blame The Incredibles.

Seriously, though... I would kill to read a JL fic along the same lines as The Incredibles... superheroes are forced to 'retire' and live as regular people -- ten, fifteen years later, what would we see? The only problem I forsee is Shayera and those wings ;)

I lit a candle tonight and Piper got a little too close. She didn't catch on fire or anything, but I think the whiskers on her left side got a little singed. Then she was trying to jump onto my bed and almost didn't make it (I had to give her a boost up). Poor baby. Not having a good night.

Work tomorrow from noon to 4pm. Not bad. Then I have two days off (Wednesday and Thursday) before the insanity that will be Friday. Oh well. Keeping busy always makes the time pass faster.

I have officially bought tickets to DC. Dad and I will be getting there on the night of the 18th and leaving the morning of the 22nd. I'd love to spend more time, but there's the whole work-and-school-and-money thing. We'll just have to cram in as much as possible while we're there. The tickets, by the way, were a good $50 cheaper on the airline's site compared to both Travelocity and Orbitz. So pphhff on them.

I was going to do some writing tonight, but I'm really not in the mood to concentrate (as can be seen by the fact that I've been sketching). So I think I'm going to go try and make a meme.

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