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Holy crap

Just got an email from one of my senators.

"Thank you for contacting the office of Senator Boxer to request tickets for the January 20, 2005 Presidential Inauguration. I am pleased to inform you that 2 tickets have been reserved for your party."


Okay, so I emailed her (both of them, actually), but I don't think I honestly expected to get a reply.

*eyes airline prices* Woo... time to get further in debt!
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That means you be here! If you do come, call me and we'll have dinner or something.

I promise to be a nice liberal for your stay :)
Wow! You're going to the Presidential Inauguration? Very cool!
oh my gosh! ;) *cue envious sounds from me*

you better take pictures (if you're allowed)! ;)
No idea who he is, feel like giving me a bit of an inside? (Senator Boxet, must have certain importance if they're dealing with the tickets for the presidential party)

thanks :)
Well all Senators (and there are 2 from each state) are alotted a certain number of tickets to the Inaguration that they are able to disperse as they wish to the people they represent. Basically I just emailed Boxer (who is a 'her' :)) from her website and asked for tickets.
You better buy some long underwear when you buy that airline ticket! It's going to be cold there, baby. Brrr....
You know... I think I'm envious. What an event to get tickets for! It's a once in a lifetime thing :)
Oh, and I do feel compelled to point out the tickets came from the *Democratic* senator. ;-)
One good thing has come from Barbara Boxer's office. That is quite awesome.
Oh I would have paid money to see your reaction when you opened that e-mail. LOL Then my second thought was, "Allie gonna freeeeeeeze." ;o) Very excited for you!
Well I don't know what my face looked like, but my face got all warm and then I squeed and ran out and hugged the nearest person (which thankfully was someone I'm related to ;))

And yeah... pray for a mild January, on my behalf *g*