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Watching the dedication of the Clinton Presidential Library, Massage Parlour and Trailer Park. The Clintons, Carters and both sets of Bushes are there. The Carters are sharing an umbrella, and so are George W. and Laura, and Barbara and George H.W. each have their own.

And the Clintons? Hillary is holding her umbrella. Bill is standing in the rain.

UPDATE: Someone took pity on him and gave him his own.

UPDATE: Double-wide comments aside, the library looks a great deal like the local BART (rapid transit system) station.

UPDATE: Little kids singing. Electric microphones in the pouring rain. This can't end well.
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BAH! I bet she won't let him under the umbrella.

"BITCH! You WILL stand in the rain!"
That says it all. He has to stand in the rain at HIS library opening ;)

Well, if nothing else it should make for endless amusement if Hillary does (godforbid) get in and they both go back to the White House? :p