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Just watched SGA: The Defiant One. No spoilers, except that DH was fantastic, JF was hot, and it was a great episode for both McKay and Shep... now please, guys, give us some focus on the other characters! I know the guys are fun to play with, but I beg of you!
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Haven't seen it yet, but I would tend to agree. I wonder if the fact that the women haven't been developed as much yet is because the show seems to be lacking in a woman's voice on the writing/production team?

I know SG1 was the same way, by and large, with only an occasional female writer, and only began to change in later episodes and seasons because of AT's talent and perserverence to expand Carter to be more than just the token chick.

You'd think they'd have learned.
I think a lot of it is just the fact that it's a new show and they're finding their feet. I think a big part of the reason for the focus on Daniel and Jack in the first season was that they were the characters with the most backstory, and plus RDA being the star helped ;) Shep is the Jack of Atlantis, and he and McKay provide a lot of material and some conflict -- more conflict than, say, Shep and Ford, or Teyla and Liz. And playing it safe in the first season... well, I can't blame them for that. But I do feel that McKay and Shep are pretty well nailed down, and, fun as though they might be, they should spend more time on ALL the other characters -- male and female.
Well, the change in SG1 seemed to be more like a result of the crew falling in love with AT, and trying to turn Sam into their dream woman.