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So there's a verdict in the Scott Peterson trial. They're going to announce it in about an hour.

Time to find out if we've got another OJ on our hands.
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I *hate* these high-profile criminal trials. The media never seems to realize that a) their attention actually decreases the odds of a fair and just verdict, and b) the ratings increase and subsequent increase in dollars should take a back seat to justice.

I know I'm an idealist to wish for such things, but really, it's the *right* thing to do. Ethics before dollars, yo!
I totally agree and while I think Scott Peterson is guilty as sin, I'm not sure, in fact I don't think he's had a truely fair trial.
I am surprised the verdict was guilty after the botched up job the prosecution did - I thought for sure he'd get off and I said if he does he ought to walk right over to the prosecutor and say "thanks".

But perhaps justice has a way of asserting itself despite what we imperfect humans do to stop it....
Oh yeah, all you were hearing for months was how screwed up the prosecution's case is. And now the analysists are coming out and for the first time saying "well, the defense did screw up here, and here, and here..." Really -- first time we're hearing about it.
I agree whole-heartedly with the comment about the media, which is probably why I *didn't* follow this case. Way too much coverage, and they put their own spin on things. Hate it.

One thing that got me was the people cheering outside, as the verdict was read. Is it just me, or does that seem...out of place? Regardless of guilt, it really bugged me that these people were cheering. I can completely understand a feeling of relief, even from total strangers, and happiness that justice will be served. But, this is murder. I don't care if it is Charles Manson, it's a sad day when another human being is capable of murder. Cheering just doesn't seem right.

I hope that makes some sense of what I'm trying to say. LOL