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Just back from today's first session of fieldwork. Can you believe I left my fieldwork notebook in the teacher's room? Doh. I'll have to pick it up from her before I go to science this afternoon. Don't I feel smart.

Put an Atlantis icon back up because I finally watched The Eye this morning.

A very good episode, I'm quite happy with it... and kind of sad at the same time, because it's been a while since Stargate SG1 has done something this good -- action that still took time for some human interaction and maybe even character development, depending on how you look at it. Ford was kick-ass-take-charge, Teyla was spunky and I loved that fight scene, Beckett... well, he was his usual whiney self and the writers need to display his backbone once in a while. Shep was, naturally, hot; his sneaky little tactics knocking off the Genii were just... hee. Weir was okay too, didn't bug me as much as usual and showed some cojones. But McKay... DH was terrific, he really did a great job. I really think that McKay and Lizzie are adorable, I just haven't figured out which kind of adorable yet, however it's still there. Oh, and I thought Robert Davi -- who will always be Bailey to me, I can't help it -- gave a much more even performance in this episode, as did Curlytop.

So yeah, I'm happy :)

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