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Saw The Incredibles tonight.

Very good movie. I mean, basically anything Disney/Pixar is a shoe-in, which just makes their 'divorce' that much more depressing. Anyway, the movie is about what superheroes do when they're not allowed to be superheroes anymore. The story is great, although it's definitely a PG movie as opposed to a G. As is the case with this type of movie there's appeal to both kids and adults -- the adult message, to my way of thinking, is the problems with rewarding mediocrity. There's also an interesting scene where the mom tells the kids that, basically, these bad guys aren't like Saturday morning cartoon bad guys -- they'll kill you if they get the chance, they don't care that you're a kid. That kind of took me back, but not in a bad way, because there are bad guys in the world who are like that.

Anyway, after doing a little homework tonight I amused myself by making a couple icons.

1. 2. 3.

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