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An insomniac's musings on insomnia

Insomnia can be fun. It really can. I remember my first all-nighter... an interesting experience.

But when I don't have anyone to harass-- er, talk to, and when I have plans for the next day? Bleh.

I had this weird chronic insomnia thing when I was little, and I would totally drive myself nuts stressing out over my inability to get to sleep. I probably kept myself up longer because of the anxiety as I watched the clock slowly count down til morning. And it was never as bad as when everyone else in the house was asleep. I almost got ticked off at them for having the gall to sleep when I couldn't.

I'm better now ;) The biggest reason my nerves are twinging now... well, it probably has something to do with all the chocolate I was eating about 8 hours ago. And yes, I'm going to see a movie tomorrow, but I can always catnap before or after that. So... no biggie. Just need to wait for the chocolate buzz to take a hike.

Plus I finished my new Dean Koontz book, which is always a slightly unsettling thing for me. Especially with his recent books. I mean, the man has gone from exploring questions like "What horrible event happened in Character X's past to give him these amazing powers?" to "Are human beings fundamentally wired to do the right thing, and how 'little' is 'a little bad'?"

*shakes self* That's it. I'm swearing off chocolate. Well... swearing off diet Coke. We'll need an exploratory committee to give their input on the chocolate thing.

*decides to make a new lj icon*

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