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I have three stories competing for attention right now. Apparently I'm supposed to be working on the Justice League one, because I kept seeing signs today. I went to the Halloween store and browsed, and came across a Robin costume right as the Batman series music came over the store speakers (they were playing a lot of theme music for some reason). There was also a batarang, but it was plastic and cheap looking so I resisted buying it. Then at work today some folks came with their sons dressed up as Batman and Robin. And right now I'm watching Batman Forever on TBS (although I never seem to be able to catch this movie from the beginning, which is annoying, and I can't even really say that I like this movie, but it's one of those silly guilty pleasure things. Plus Jim Carrey is terrific. And I like Val more than I did beforehand.

ETA: Kidman's character is still worthless and stupid, however. And I don't say this as a Bruce/Diana shipper, I say it as someone who gets tired of the helpless, hapless female in movies like this.

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