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I have three stories competing for attention right now. Apparently I'm supposed to be working on the Justice League one, because I kept seeing signs today. I went to the Halloween store and browsed, and came across a Robin costume right as the Batman series music came over the store speakers (they were playing a lot of theme music for some reason). There was also a batarang, but it was plastic and cheap looking so I resisted buying it. Then at work today some folks came with their sons dressed up as Batman and Robin. And right now I'm watching Batman Forever on TBS (although I never seem to be able to catch this movie from the beginning, which is annoying, and I can't even really say that I like this movie, but it's one of those silly guilty pleasure things. Plus Jim Carrey is terrific. And I like Val more than I did beforehand.

ETA: Kidman's character is still worthless and stupid, however. And I don't say this as a Bruce/Diana shipper, I say it as someone who gets tired of the helpless, hapless female in movies like this.
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We had Batman and Robin on TV the other night. It was atrocious. And when I was little I did love the Batman Cartoon, so I'm not biased against the bat.
Oh God, I remember that one. We rented it and sat down to watch... and one by one everyone found a reason to wander off until the movie was playing to an empty room.

Val Kilmer plays Bruce in Forever, Chris O'Donnel (I think that's his name) is Robin, and Nicole Kidman is the obligatorily useless love interest.

The "original" movie Batman was Michael Keaton, and therefore he'll always be the best, but Val isn't bad as such things go. He definitely has the voice for it.
Yes, this one was VERY bad. Even my brothers who have chronically bad taste in movies just went "Oooooooooh myyyyyyyyyyyyy...." The best part was the nit picking and general mocking >=D

I think i saw Batman Forever years ago, but I can't remember it.
B&R was a train wreck. I blame Clooney *g* And I have high hopes for the new Bats movie coming out next summer. No doubt it will completely screw with continuity, but the cast list is impressive -- lets just hope the writing and directing is as well. The comics = movies thing has been doing great lately, but mainly for Marvel... not DC. And I want them to make a Justice League live action, dammit :D

Forever has Jim Carrey as the Riddler and Tommy Lee Jones as Two Face, and Drew Barrymore has a bit part as well.