Alli Snow (allisnow) wrote,
Alli Snow

Fic Awards A-go-go!

Firstly, the categories for the SG-1 Fan Fiction Awards have been declared. Considering it's after 2am, I might feel differently about them tomorrow, but right now I'm just kinda shaking my head.

Looking at gen... Weird enough that there is a specific category for episode fixits (which is different than just regular episode fic, the difference being whether or not canon gets violated <-- can of big old worms), but there's a specific category for Meridian fixits: "(eg. anything written to de-glow Daniel and/or eliminate Jonas)". Isn't that special?

(I sure hope in the 2004 awards, if there is such an animal, there is a seperate category for fixit fic regarding whichever episode Daniel comes back in. Because right now I'm so into writing a fic where the deglowing process goes haywire and Daniel descends as either a French poodle or a scorch mark on the asphalt. But that could be the diet Coke talking.)

Then of course you have your separate team-fic categories: "Original Team" and "Season Six Team". *feels ill*

Meandering over to the ship categories... again with the division between SJ stories and 'other ship' stories, which was to be expected. Meridian fixits here, too.

And here's the oddest bit... Best Pairing-Focused Story, with subcategories either (a) between two minor characters, (b) a minor character and a member of SG-1, or (c) two members of SG-1-- as long as they aren't Sam and Jack? Whuh? How is this different than Best Romantic Story (Other pairings) or Overall Best Ship Story (Other pairings)? Are non-SJ ship stories really so shafted that they need the same categories simply restated different ways?

*scratches head*

You know, it's not that I'm fundementally offended by any of this... well, maybe by the Meridian category, but that's to be expected. It's just that, to me, it makes about as much sense as holding two Presidental Elections: one for the Republicans and Democrats to duke it out, and the other for everyone else. Because, you know, it's a two party system and almost everyone votes either GOP or Dem and it's just not fair to the other parties who don't have a chance to win.

On a happier note, the Sam/Jack fanfic awards are open for voting here. :)
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