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Okay guys.

Unless work is really mean and won't give me the day off, I have a hair cut appointment coming up in a couple of weeks.

No, Sue, I'm not going blonde.

I do want to go shorter, though. I'm tired of having long(ish) hair. It's too flyaway, gets staticy really easy, and I can't deal with it in my face.

I found a couple of styles that I sort of like, but I also wanted to know what you guys think and if you have any suggestions... any favorite short(ish) styles that you just adore and think I should consider.
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Woudl love to help, but I dno't know what suits you. They look like funky styles though :)
No, Sue, I'm not going blonde.


I also wanted to know what you guys think

Blonde. But seriously, I like the second better, looks easier to maintain. I mean, just how do you get those wispy bits to come out like the picture each time?
What Sue said. But that's assuming your hair wouldn't do that on its own. I know mine does right now...
Ooooh, I like the first one! Second one is tamer, but still cute.

Would you be colouring too?
It's too flyaway, gets staticy really easy, and I can't deal with it in my face.

From which I'm guessing it's pretty fine, yes? This is definitely my territory. :-)

My vote is for something like the first link, but be sure to specify that you want your bangs at or even above your eyebrows. You may have to be insistent with the stylist on this point. If you let them convince you that "No, see, they'll shrink up and be too short when it's dry," what they really mean is that they won't be dangling in front of your eyes making you want to KILL SOMETHING halfway through the day. (Sam late last season would be the same thing -- when the sides and back were getting longer, but at one of the points where the bangs were freshly trimmed.)

I've been All About the slightly choppy thing for quite a while now. It's easy to do, you don't have to worry about things staying Exactly Where You Put Them (which fine hair never does unless you shellac the living hell out of it), and it looks good on pretty much all face shapes.

The second one is cute, but categorically will not look that way unless you take time with a blow-dryer and the right kind of brush. The choppy one works great if you scruff in a little texturizer and go, especially if you have even a hint of a natural wave.