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Is Walker: Texas Ranger not the silliest show ever?

And Alex! Miss I'm Just Here to Look Pretty and Get Kidnapped So My Big Strong Texas Ranger Boyfriend Can Rescue Me!
Walker is one of my guilty pleasures. It's so silly, and the Bad Guys are *so* bad, and the Good guys are *so* heroic and noble, and you can predict the whole hour in the first 5-10 minutes (or less, sometimes).

It's the cop show equivalent of science fiction's monster movies.

But Chuck Norris does the *prettiest* crescent kicks. Just wow, there.

And I do wish they could have gotten a woman marital artist for the love interest.
Hey I love Walker. Yea it's a bit over the top but it's got great action & fight scenes (would you expect less from a Chuck Norris project)and it's fun. Oh & at least the ship was fulfilled on the show. It took forever but still... It lasted 8 seasons so someone besides me must have liked Come on know you liked it. :-)