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Guardian writer calls for the murder of the American President

Oh, but of course I'm sure it was just a joke. A witicism stemming from their own embarassment over the response to their Clark County stunt. Ha ha.

Once again, the world's uberliberals display their utter lack of class.
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Sorry, Alli...
Alli, I agree that this comment was absolutely uncalled for. It was tasteless and humorless, and showed how blinding it can be to depersonalize the "other side". People are people, whether or not you agree with them, and no one should call for the death of another person. Furthermore, to call for the murder of a leader, even in jest, is to promote anarchy instead of democracy.

However, I am going to object to your lumping all people who are liberal into the same bucket. You see, I have *both* "uberliberals" and what most would call "uberconservatives" in my family. I love them all, I would trust both sides with every penny I own or with my life, and, (with the exception of my wonderful Uncle Wade, who wears some truly jaw-dropping outfits,) both sides of the political spectrum have tremendous class. And (conservative, BTW) Uncle Wade only lacks class in his wardrobe, one in which plaid golf pants are some of the more tasteful items. He's classy in the stuff that counts, the stuff inside.

Don't think that just because people share the same political views, they're all the same. If you lump all liberals together, you're guilty of the same thinking as the liberals who regard legitimate abortion protesters, the peaceful and gentle kind, as the same ilk that bombs abortion clinics in the name of "life".

Politics is a nasty business, and the comments on both sides are vitriolic and poisonous, and BOTH sides are guilty of saying terrible things. Especially this year.