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*warm fuzzies*

Really wanted a Kushiel's icon that wasn't just a shot of the book covers, and while there's some fan art out there there's hardly any of Joscelin. So I went out and "casted" the parts, with a little help from the Kushiel yahoogroup I'm on, and made an icon! Whee!

The (larger) base is here. Now, both these actors have starred in (short-lived) TV shows themselves. Cookies to whoever identifies them first.
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Don't recognize the guy, but I <3 you for using Summer! :-D

:) I never watched Firefly, but that PR shot was just perfect for the character.

Hint on the guy: His show was on the WB, and didn't last very long. Wait -- that's most shows on WB ;)
I'll probably go "D'oh!" when you post who he is, but I'm pretty sure I've just never seen the face. :-)
He's also been in some fairly well-known CK ads. I guess they had to take the one in Times Square down because it was causing traffic accidents or something.