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"Kushiel's Dart"

I know I've pimped this book/series before... but I'm just about done rereading the first and I had forgotten how awesome it is. I mean, yeah, there are icky parts and it does get rather, well, intensely raunchy. But I love the style, and I love the characters (except Melisande, of course) and the ship-UST factor is just... guh. A prostitute/scholar/spy and a warrior-priest who's sworn vows of fealty and safekeeping... and celibacy. Guuuuuuh.
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Hi! You don't know me but I was reading someone's flist and saw your post and had to comment because I love Kushiel's Dart! Only recently read it after randomly picking it up in Barnes and Noble. Now I have to get the continuation. Did you enjoy the entire series?
Yeah, I loved the whole series. Although man, the angst is through the roof in the second two books. It's funny... I picked up Kushiel's Dart randomly at B. Dalton years ago, started to read it, couldn't really get into it, and only really about a year ago read it and adored it and got the last two as quickly as I could.