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Fandom, oh fandom

Why do people think that, pre-MS-hissy-fit and subsequent Denialite-hissy-fit, fandom was all love and peace and roses? People talk about the "good old days", before Gatecon '01 or in some cases even before Divide & Conquer, and they make it sound like folks from all factions held hands and sang songs 'round the campfire. Which is so not how it was.

True, those were two biggies in fandom history: D&C and the uproar over it drove many a shipper - including yours truely - out into the big bad world of general forums to defend the 'ship, just in case any PTBs were watching and gauging reaction. And a group of people saying the entire show was monkey shit because of the loss of a single actor... yeah, surprisingly enough that upset a couple of people. Fandom is more mixed, and a lot larger than it used to be, and it has a lot more history which means more for people to be upset about. But this weird revisionist history is just, well, weird.

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