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It's weird seeing all this birthday stuff for moi when it's not the 7th yet. Well, not the 7th yet here.

So far it's getting off to a great start. For instance, I should be at school right now. Heck, I should have been there two hours ago. Except about halfway there, I momentarily lost my brakes! Got 'em back, but there was no way in Hell I was going to drive on the corkscrew-twisty levee road not trusting my car. So I carefully drove back to Brentwood and dropped my car off at the mechanics that fixed my AC a couple summers ago, and then dad picked me up (shh, don't tell anyone... he's working) and dropped me off at my aunt's, where my mom had left her Durango. So I drove the tank back home, and here I am.

Of course, the upside is that I now have the time to do my laundry. But first I think I'm going to curl up and feel sorry for myself some more.
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