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So, whilst eating my morning waffle, I finished JLA: Exterminators.

I thought that, while the writing was technically better, I didn't like the plot as much as I liked JLA: WW: Mythos. There was a lot of team-wide angsting over a decision the "old League" (J'onn, Aquaman, Hal and Barry) had made 10 years ago... and while they did act kind of rashly, I really couldn't fault them for it. In other words, the angsting got old quick. There was also a lot of "Gee, these giantic monsters are destroying everything in their path and killing innocent people, but it's really too bad that we have to kill them instead of sending them to a nice asteriod." I mean, these aren't sixty-foot toddlers busting up cities because they want their mommies. They're big-ass killer monster-things that aren't up for negotiation. Lets bust their heads and move on, please. So yeah, that got old too.

There was a nice bit at the end, as the league sits around to debrief and it's pointed out that, although they did a better job than the "old League" did ten years prior in a similiar situation, they spent too much time reacting and not enough time being proactive. A couple of the guys point out that hey, they're not perfect, and Batman gets kind of huffy and leaves.
In that moment, realization dawned on J'onn. He understood, then, that Batman knew that he would never win [against the baddies in Gotham], that he had not chastised the other members of the League for the way they had handled the crisis. Batman had antagonized the admonished them not because he expected perfection of them but because he expected them to demand it of themselves.

I don't know if I totally agree with that, but it's probably the best example of character development/insight in the book. Most of the time it's kind of JLU-ish... lots of bad guys, fighting, destruction, the reserves getting called in. That kind of thing. The main OC in the book is a Brit named Ian who suddenly develops telekinetic powers, which is part of the plot. On top of having a beautiful girlfriend he now gets to stop bad guys, pal around with the League, and have Wally and Kyle over for tea! And of course everyone likes him and is concerned for his well-being. Waaay too Marty Stuish, almost as much so as Ana in Mythos (Mythos was written by a woman; Exterminators was written by a man, although one from New England, not the UK).

In other words... if you're thinking about reading this series, don't get this one first ;)

JLA: Batman: The Stone King and Speed Trap (the JL kid's novel I got for my cousin) came yesterday. I'm reading Speed Trap before I give it to Shelby -- partly because I'm a junkie but mostly to make sure it's appropriate for a nine year old. I think she might have some problems with the language, but it's something that she can grow into.

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