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Fic meme thing

I'm sure the answers will be fairly predictable and boring, but here goes:

In which fandoms do you write?
Currently, Stargate SG-1. In the past, Voyager and X-Files, but I rarely finished anything. Unlike now where it's only semi rare that I finish something.

What genres do you write?
Sam/Jack ship all but exclusively, although I have ventured into the land of "gen" a few times. It was scary *g*

Which do you most enjoy writing?
It's hard to say. When I write something, it's what I feel I'll enjoy writing at that time. My tastes change, like everyone's, and my ship fic to "gen" fic ratio is so skewed that I can't really honestly compare the two. And even when I write "gen", the ship factor is there... just implied instead of overt.

If you write het/slash pairings, why those pairings?
I write Sam/Jack because those are my favorite characters and it was their relationship that really got me into the show. I love their chemistry, their personalities and how they play off each other, and the fun tragicness of their situation *g* I've played with Daniel/Janet a little, but only as a sideshow... just so they wouldn't feel too left out ;)

Is there any genre or category you haven't yet written that you'd love to write?
I'd actually like to write something with a heavier mythology element - mainly because I just watched The Mummy. I adore The Mummy - but I detest any form or type of research, so it probably ain't gonna happen.

Is there a style you attempt to emulate in your writing?
Totally. Dean Koontz is God when it comes to fiction writing. His stories are this wonderful mix of supernatural/horror/humor/romance and his stuff is really a huge inspiration to me when I'm trying to get into the 'mood' to write.

What's the best story you've written? Why?
Ugh, I'm a really bad judge of this. I can say that Andromeda was one of the most fun to write because it developed in my head so quickly and almost seamlessly, and it turned out to be so frighteningly mammoth that it was great in a nightmarish sort of way. But the seeming popularity of Andro... the reasons escape me. Currently I'm most proud of Sleepers because it's different than what I've written before and I think it's a rather intricate plot. But as for best? Man, beats me.

What's your favourite story out of those you've written? Why?
Probably From Hereon After. I know, weird that I didn't even mention it in the above answer, but Hereon is just one of those stories - for me anyway - that isn't really anything incredible, but overall is fairly solid. Plus I just enjoyed writing the whole universe that surrounded the story. I always told myself that it was the World as it Would Have Been if Al Gore had won in 2000 ;)

Which story of yours would you say is most underrated and why?
Oh, I don't know. I'd always like more feedback, of course, but I can't think of one that was completely snubbed.

Which story of yours would you say is most overrated and why?
The Exile trilogy, bleh. One of the first things I wrote, total stereotypical sap ship, some stuff so bad it makes me shudder to think of it... and even 2 years later I still get stuff about it. I don't get it. If I was them, I wouldn't send me feedback.

Which story of yours are you most disappointed in?
What Lies Beneath. In retrospect, I think I could have done a lot more with the concept.

What's your website?
Currently it's Calliope's Library. Once I get my ass in gear it'll be

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