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Homework help

Hey guys.

For my Teaching Science class, I need to put together a presentation about what makes a curve ball curve.

If anyone has/knows any...

... websites

... magazine articles

... books

... personal knowledge

please please please post them! I will love you forever!

In other news... this week's to-do list.

- Work
- Get paid on Friday
- Do fieldwork at Gehringer Elem. 8-1pm Thursday and Friday
- Work some more
- Watch the debate repeat Thursday (MSNBC@11pm)
- Reply to science class BB by Sunday
- Type 2nd science fieldwork by Monday
- Figure out EL Unit plan draft by Monday
- Work
- Complete math webpages by Wednesday
- Did I mention work?

Man, I can't wait til this store opens and we get through the grand opening weekend and start working normal hours.
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