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What would Mother think.

It wasn't a question. Diana knew what her mother would think. She could hear Hippolyta's voice as clearly as though the Queen were sitting in the back seat.

"What have I told you about men, Diana? Over and over again. You can't let them close to you lest they take advantage of your good heart. Yes, I'm sure your friends are all very trustworthy, and it is good you have such comrades with you in battle, even if they are males. But camaraderie is a far cry from what you're contemplating, Daughter, and I have warned you against it more than once."

Yes, she had, but that had been before Diana had discovered about Hippolyta's affair with Hades. After that, warnings about the dangers of men seemed more like self-admonitions than genuine advice. Besides, as a young girl Diana had rarely contemplated even setting eyes on a man, much less becoming... 'close' to one.

She was close now.


Hmm. Better go find some lunch before work.
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