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1. My review of "Sacrifices" is online at last.

2. Orientation went well. The people at Kohl's seem really nice, and their policies are very customer-friendly. My schedule for the next week is pretty intense, because the grand opening is on October 7th (my birthday, oddly enough) and we're scurrying to get things ready. That weekend will be really busy as well, but we've been told that things will settle down afterwards.

3. My hours:

Thursday: Training from 8-10am, working on the floor from 10-4:30pm
Friday: Go in at 8, training from 8:30-11:30, floor work til 4:30
Saturday: Floor 8-4:30
Sunday: Training 11:30-3:30, floor work til 4:30
Tuesday: 2-10:30pm
Thursday: 2-10:30pm
Friday: 2-10:30pm
Saturday: 8-4:30

Of course, this is just for the next week-plus. Things will change. Still, it's lovely knowing what my schedule is going to be more than 12 hours in advance.

No work on Monday or Wednesday because those are the days I have class.

It's going to be tiring, but there's no way on earth that it can be as tiring as chasing around demonic preschoolers and dealing with equally-demonic coworkers ala Dainty.

4. We get paid weekly. How cool is that?

5. There was a plot development in my JL fic that I've been working on, and trying to fit it in, but it just wasn't jiving. But I figured out how to change it so it works! It'll require a bit of rewriting, and a little more research, but I think it'll be a much better change for the story. You'll just have to take my word on it.


Oh yeah... 6. Someone remind me to finish my homework before I go to class tomorrow. I was going to do it tonight, but I really can't be bothered.

PS: 7. andveryginger is right... retail therapy is... theraputic. I got about $140 of work/observations-related clothes today -- my folks and I split the bill. I love new clothes.
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