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Breaking news: CBS News Says It Can't Vouch for Bush Memos

Only two weeks late, you dumbasses.

Now the question is, the next time we see Dan Rather, will he... apologize? Remain defiant? Blame the pajama-wearing right-wingers again? Ignore the issue entirely? Look for more memos to support his theory? Get fired? Get 'reassigned'? Mysteriously vanish?

ETA: "CBS said [retired Texas National Guard official Bill] Burkett acknowledged he provided the documents and said he deliberately misled a CBS producer, giving her a false account of their origin to protect a promise of confidentiality to a source."

Dan now says that if he knew what he knows now, he wouldn't have used the memos.

How long has he been doing this?
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And here was I thinking the next question would be how many more Republicans start complaining about 'dubya's Iraq policy. ;)
Sorry. I shouldn't have tried to spoil your moment of triumph over a news story that is starting to make a dead horse look good. ;)
It's only got that dead horse look because CBS has had their head in the sand for the last two weeks.