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It's apparently International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Not sure how to talk like a pirate? Here's a translator.

Just finished rewatching JL: The Terror Beyond, seeing as how it's Dr. Fate's only other episode. I had kind of not thought much of the episode in the past because while Shay and Diana (and Supes) are there, John and Bats aren't. Ergo, no ship possibilities. And Aquaman annoys me. But the story really is a fascinating one. It's also a good HG episode backstory-wise, and she has some great lines. The monsters are absolutely nightmare-inducing, and Oded Fehr's voice... yum. In any case, Shayera staying with Fate and Inza makes more sense now that I've refreshed my memory.

Okay... got a post-ep fic to finish...
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