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JL fic ahoy-hoy

I've reached -- and passed! -- 10,000 words. Yippie me!

In celebration, here's a short, unbetaed (duh) scene from Part I, chosen because after reading Sel and Missy's fics tonight I'm totally in a HG kind of mood.

The problem was, in a word, Shayera.

It was obvious that Phillipus was used to things being done her way... and quickly. In that way she was no different than any of the generals John had known. "I demand that you step aside!"

"And I demand that you stop demanding that I do things!" Shayera snarled. She was blocking the Amazons' way, wings spread and arms crossed, her mace gleaming dangerously at her hip. "You're the guest here, sister , not me."

"Yes, and the Queen is your guest as well, and she is the Princess' mother."

Even through the mask, John could see the incredulous tic in Hawkgirl's eyes. "Well then maybe she should have acted more like it!"

Somewhere to John's left, J'onn groaned softly. They were all trying to pretend that what was happening wasn't, but it was plenty obvious that the gauntlet had just been thrown. The Green Lantern looked away, trying to scrunch down into his chair and hoping that Shayera would get this out of her system in short order.

Wishful thinking.

"What do you mean 'what do I mean'?" she was saying now, her voice full of rancor. "Your Queen here was the one who had Diana kicked off your island after she stopped Ares... after she saved all of you. So much for a mother's love."

"What the Queen did-'

Hippolyta broke in, her soft voice silencing the general at once. "Diana understood my reasons. I would have hoped that you did as well. Perhaps not these men... but you, certainly."

"'These men ?' Let me tell you something-" as though anyone could stop her "-these men were there for your daughter when you weren't. They saved your island. They were her friends. We all would have done anything to save her life, including these men . Batman died that day because he was trying to help her."

An empty plastic cup that had been sitting on the table was buffeted by a sudden scarlet turbulence and rattled to the floor. The chair Flash had been sitting in only seconds before was suddenly empty.

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