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Stargate spoilers

So I think that this was one of the better episodes this season. The teaser was absolutely hysterical; my love for Gary Jones knows no bounds. I liked the fact that all of the main characters got their own little part and the story wasn't dominated by some character we've never met. I still think the whole Trust thing is kind of lame, and the various baddies -- black guy, white guy and asian chick -- had so personality whatsoever. Even the baddies in Shades of Gray held more interest for me, and they had very minimal screen time. And on a more shallow note... what was with Sam's jacket? I literally found it distracting me from the story a couple times (and not the fun kind of distracting that I'd enjoy if I was a guy). Still... it was a melding of previous storylines and has the feel of a continuing story arc, which was a plus.

While I would have bitched about it if it had ended with a cliffhanger... I kind of wish there had been

Okay, how weird is it that we have an episode about a gigantic hurricane during this whole Charley/Ivan/Jeanne thing? Wacky timing.

I adored Robert Davi as Bailey in Profiler... kind of weird seeing him as the wacko bad guy when I'm used to him being the slightly-dysfunctional-FBI-agent-with-a-heart-of-gold, but I think he did a good job. McKay and Zelenka were frigging hilarious, and I loved Rodney sending Shep out to the furthest-away grounding station while giving "Elizabeth" the one that she could transport easily to. I think Rod and Lizzie could actually be cute if he ever grew up a little bit (but what fun would that be for the rest of us?) This was a good episode for Ford, Beckett was just kind of there, and I'm looking forward to seeing Teyla kick Little Bo Peep's curly blonde ass in The Eye.

I think I had my first emotion related to Weir; I thought, when Bailey was threatening to shoot her: "Aw, that would be too bad."

Yeah, it's not a lot, but I'm taking it as a good sign.

I wish I knew why that character hasn't grown on me. I mean, Shep and Rod have had the most time paid to their character development, I think, or at least in establishing their personalities. I'm certainly attached to them. Beckett, Teyla and Ford still all need work, obviously, but I like them reasonably well for it being ten episodes in (I can only imagine what I would have thought of the SG-1 characters if I saw the first season in order). But when it comes to Lizzie... I'm just really apathetic. Which sucks because this is Brad and Rob and co's baby and I want to love everything about it.

Oh well. It's like people rushing around madly trying to get people to tell them who their SGA 'OTP' should be. As a certain 8-year old cartoon character might say "it's not a race". SGA is having a much better season than SG1, IMO, and I intend to keep watching no matter what, so I guess I just have to be patient.

ETA: Hee. This is so the quote of the day.
"Some look at things as they are and say, 'Why?' Others look at things as they are not and say, 'Why not?,' and I suppose a few might look at things as they are not, and say 'why?,' and vice-versa, and so forth, and one might be tempted to look at these people looking at things and ask 'Who?,' but this would not be constructive, because the important thing to realize is that some people like to look at things, and this is precisely my point."


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