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Just saw this on FNC

*laughs her butt off*

'Batman' Scales Buckingham Palace in Fathers' Protest
LONDON (Reuters) - A campaigner dressed as Batman, from the fathers' rights group that pelted Prime Minister Tony Blair with flour-filled condoms, staged a dramatic protest on a Buckingham Palace balcony Monday.

Police, faced with their second major security breach in four months, tried in vain to talk down the protester from Queen Elizabeth's London residence.

He unveiled a banner saying: "Super Dads of Fathers 4 Justice fighting for your right to see your kids." The group believes Britain's courts are biased against fathers in divorce cases.

"There is a protester on the balcony," a palace spokeswoman said. "It is a matter for the police." There was no immediate police comment.

The royal family is currently away on holiday in Scotland.

A spokesman for Fathers 4 Justice named the protester as Jason Hatch. He repeatedly punched the air in triumph, grinning and waving to growing crowds below.

It was the latest in a long line of stunts by the group.

That is just so, so wrong.
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