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Homework help!

Ok guys... help me out here.

What are some types of places you could take kids (any grade from K-8) on a science-themed field trip that isn't a science museum, per se?

*looks pitiful*
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If I were you, I'd check out any local parks (usually state or national, but you live in a pretty urban area, so maybe even local) that have an interpretive program and call them. Garden of the Gods is a city-owned and run park in Colorado Springs, and it has a huge interpretive program. You may have some place similar near you - usually a large park. For older kids, you might even be able to visit the Golden Gate Bridge and talk with an engineer that works on it. Most touristy type places have some sort of educational programming, and often they can tailor the content to your kids (which is what you want). You are near the ocean, relatively, so is there a wildlife sanctuary you can visit? Or someplace that does marine wildlife rescue and rehabilitation? How about a planetarium? Or a university with a giant telescope? Earthquakes - I know you have a government organization that studies them near you. They probably do tours and presentations. And it's probably a museum, but there's bound to be some sort of historical place about earthquakes near you, given where you live, and they should be able to give a presentation on the science of earthquakes. Then there's farms and ranches - organic farming is a form of science all its own, especially if they use -ah, what's the term - bugs and bug diseases that eat the bad bugs instead of insecticides, and you may find a farm or ranch that is using very forward-looking practices just by asking around. Need more ideas?