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Firstly -- CBS is the brunt of the joke again: 1972 Email Casts Doubt on Bush Guard Service (Here's the real story thanks to PowerLine.)

Secondly, I'm on page 14 of my Hereafter redux! 7,400 words. Small beans compared to things I've written in SG fandom, obviously, but not too shabby for a new fandom. Bruce and Diana have been yakking for the last two pages, though, so I'm going to need to shut them up soon. I'm trying to attain a certain cuteness level without descending into ooc mushiness, and I'm too close to it now to tell if I've been successful, but generally I'm happy.
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Apparently all the people who were in the same guard unit at the same time and who claim to have never met 'dubya are lying too. But then as the whole thing is a left wing conspiracy, that would make sense.

Seriously? I'm sick and tired of all this back and forth. I think the President's father probably did have someone finagle 'dubya a position in the Air Guard at a time when he might not normally have been elegible, and he did so to avoid service in Vietnam. I think that probably happened with a lot of people. Whether he turned up or not, I don't know. I think there probably were discrepancies, though whether they're as significant as people are trying to portray is unlikely.

Similarly, there are problems with what Kerry states. However, I think the issue with Kerry is more what he did when he came back. The man did go to Vietnam, and he did serve. That should be it. His political shennagins when he came back are open season though.

In my mind, both candidates have issues in their past. I think they both should stop focusing on that, and concentrate on something current and important - like jobs, the economy, healthcare, the massive and ballooning budget defecit, the war in Iraq. It would be nice for a change.