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Okay, so I watched Batman Forever tonight and... well, it's one of the better Bat movies, but that's not to say it wasn't really bad in parts. I mean, sure, you expect a certain amount of camp from any superhero movie, because these are grown men dressed in spandex with, in this case, big pointy ears. I think that's why I can take the cartoon characters more seriously than when a "real live actor" tries to portray them.

Loved Jim Carrey; he was perfect for the role. Tommy Lee... eh. Chris O'Donnell is definitely cute, although he was stuck with some of the real groaners. "Holy rusted metal, Batman! You know... full of holes." Although I did chuckle when he suggests Nightwing as a possible superhero name.

And of course the dense-as-hell damsel in distress angle was less than entertaining. I think the reason that Bruce/Diana appeals to me (to say nothing of Sam/Jack in Stargate and Mulder/Scully and Sam/Bailey in Profiler all the way back to when I shipped for Kim and Tommy on Power Rangers before I knew what the heck ship was) -- is that both characters are about equally as likely to be in distress. They're equally as likely to be the rescuer. Sure, Scully kept getting abducted, but she was there plenty of times to save Mulder's bacon. And if Sam (Profiler) wound up in peril a lot, it was because the show revolved around her. Sam (SG1) and Jack... goes without saying that they're on equal footing in the heroism department. I guess I like my ship-folk to be like that. And it's not some feminism thing. I wouldn't want a female (super)hero to keep having to save the witless guy all the time. It gets boring. Trite. Plus I'm not a huge fan of Nicole Kidman -- although damn she looked so young in this movie.

Ah well. It still tops Batman & Robin in every conceivable way. That one was so bad that I remember my family renting it, we all sat down to watch it over dinner, and about halfway through Jamie was in his room, I think my parents were in the backyard, and I was attempting to hang myself by the ceiling fan. Well, not really. But the video was playing to an empty room. Personally I'd love to credit that hack Clooney and Schumacher for setting the Bats movie franchise back a good five years at least.

I'm looking forward to Begins in 2005, but for the most part... I'm perfectly happy with my animated characters.

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