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The spoils

Results from the SG1 Fic Awards came out today... didn't do too shabbily ;)

Team vid - 1st place - In the Middle
Sam/Jack vid - 2nd place - Sweet Mistakes
Character vid - 2nd place - A Tribute to Michael Shanks
Humor vid - 2nd place - A Tribute to Michael Shanks

Now this isn't to brag - well, okay, it's partly to brag - but also to say, with regards to the last two on that list...

Snerkity snerk snerk snerk.

In other news...

Went to see GM today -- gave her her magnetic poetry and bookmark and CD'o'goodies, as well as lending her my laptop and a totally awsome book. From her, got an addy book (helpful for when all those online friends start becoming 'real friends' and a SF Giants calender... to remember the good old days by. ;)

That reminds me... need to send a couple someones a couple of holiday greetings via email :D

Bib is hit-and-run trolling at GW again. I just hope Darren is able to repair the acid burns on the floor in time for Christmas.

Why is it that whenever I talk to anyone from high school these days, they always ask me if I've talked to Heather? That answer is the same as it's been since last spring -- no, and my blood pressure is much better for it. Geesh.

Must send out the rest of the SJFA notifications tonight. Really really must.

Shelby beat me at pinball last night. She's 7 and has never played before. I am properly shamed.

Oh, and Sel has a fan. ;)
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Oh, and Sel has a fan. ;)

Air conditioners are probably more use in this climate...but since there don't seem to be too many ACs in fandom, guess I'll just have to settle for a fan!